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I am a Pilot. Now What?
A pilot is more exposed to life-threatening risks than the normal, standard adult since operating aircraft offers a whole set of unique hazards. Life insurance companies will need to review pilots based on a number of factors including level of experience, number of hours spent flying each year, age, and qualifications. If you have an ideal profile you can expect standard ratings.

Pilot's Effect on Insurance Rates
Here is a table offering a guideline of what rates to expect. 

Pilot Profile


Ideal: 300 hours solo experience, flies between 25 and 200 hours annually for pleasure, holds an Instructor Flight Rating, is under the age of 70, with no medical impairments


Flies less than 25 hours annually ("rustiness" factor) or over 200 hours annually (exposure to excess risk)

Table Ratings

Student Pilot (lack of experience)

Table Ratings

Does not have an Instrument Flight Rating (more vulnerable to unexpected situations such as weather changes)

Table Ratings

Has medical impairments or is over the age of 65

Table Ratings

More Information for Pilots
Any person who flies aircraft for pleasure or business will be considered under the guidelines for pilots. This includes corporate pilots, flight instructors, and charter pilots. The reason aviation is listed under impaired risks is because crashes, and thus death, often occur as a result of lack of experience, unfortunate weather conditions, error, and mechanical failure of the aircraft.

Important Things to Know for Pilots

What are some of the issues that interest underwriters?

  • How often do you fly?

  • Do you fly for pleasure or as a job? If as a job, what kind of job?

  • Do you hold an Instrument Flight Rating?

  • Do you have any known medical impairments?


What can I do to help the underwriting process?

Send us all information and documentation about your flying experience and qualifications.

Complete the following form, or call us toll-free at 888-854-7526 if you would like to speak with someone or get more information.

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