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Happy Mid-Year!

3 Tips If You Haven't Completed Half of Your 2012 New Year's Resolutions

July starts the second half of the year, so it's time to check your progress on your New Year's resolutions, otherwise known as "goals"!

What? You made no resolutions? You forgot what your goals were? You haven't checked your progress? You're NOT halfway done with your 2012 goals?

If you aren't a perfect goal-setter (and "goal-slayer" as I like to say), you are in great company because EVERYONE has challenges accomplishing all of their goals. All of us can do MUCH better, so here are three big impact tips to do much better at "slaying" your goals in the second half of 2012....

  1. Get started now!
    Stop reading this long enough to get your calendar out and put a date/time on it where you'll take at least 30 minutes to focus on your goals and add deadlines that you track on future calendar dates. To achieve your dreams you need to stop reading this now and grab your calendar. After all, we all know that goals are just dreams with deadlines, so most importantly get started now with your calendar.

  2. Post them, laminate them, memorize them and say them out loud and often.
    Our LLG Financial planning group has once-a-week improvement and inspiration meetings, and our goals are always tracked and discussed and celebrated when achieved. We've accomplished many goals, but we've also changed some, extended some, and thrown out some. One thing we never do, however, is forget the goal, and this is accomplished by having the goals-discussion on the agenda, posted to our calendars and written in the group meeting notes which we review weekly. It isn't a perfect system, but I still remember when we didn't discuss goals each week and compared to now our results were weak!

  3. Get Help!
    You need your spouse/kids/friends/minister/doctor/financial advisor on board to remind you of your goals and to say "Great Job" when you achieve them or make progress toward them. If anyone belittles your goals/dreams, just move on to others who inspire you. If you don't want your close friends involved, use technology like smartphone apps ("Goals ToDo" full version gets 4.3-stars) or specific goal-achievement websites (like or WealthVision through for example) to get your help. One of our goals as financial advisors is to help you achieve retirement planning goals, but call us about your non-financial goals as well. We have a large network of experts and plenty of experience in our group to give you some great ideas and direction. Just call us or email us at 919-881-2850 or

We're here to help you save time and money and achieve your goals and dreams.

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